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Sales × Technology × Manufacturing

Sales, engineers, and the manufacturing team work closely together and commit to creating new values for our customers

Sales × Technology × Manufacturing


We support our customers in their manufacturing activities by providing the best sensor solutions, with on a thorough, customer-oriented approach


We take our customers’ problems seriously and solve them through tailored development and design


We can produce small quantities of a wide variety of products efficiently without compromising quality. We also offer customized products to our customers.

Pursuit of the highest quality

Each one of our employees is committed to the Code of Conduct and the pursuit of high quality

– Motto
One Team, One Goal
A company-wide pursuit of the highest quality and full commitment to create new value for our customers

– Code of Conduct
 Customer-focused discussions
 Mutual respect/appreciation and collaboration across departments/companies
 Never settle for precedents/failures, always challenge the status quo
 Demonstrate initiative/leadership, persistence and perseverance in spite of all obstacles
 Continual improvement in productivity through constant awareness of the need to be creative
Act quickly and boldly, and do the right thing
 Daily reflection on the Code of Conduct for personal growth and fulfilment


As a pioneer in the field of potentiometers,
we focus on developing products that anticipate the needs of the market.


Passion x Unrivalled dedication
“Giving shape to each customer’s wishes with optimum quality” is the policy we wholeheartedly commit ourselves to.

Compact / Slim / Space-saving design

Designed and manufactured according to the customer’s preferred size

High precision / improved environmental resistance

Stable output even in harsh operating conditions

Advanced technologies

Focus on basic research for the future


Can be done, will be done, we’ll take care of it
We can customize the products from small quantities to suit your needs.

Changable effective electric angle / stroke length / tilt angle

The detection range can be modified to suit your requirements.

Various connectors

We can install the connectors of your choice

Shaft / Machining

We can modify the shape of the shaft to fit your installation.

Various testing

We carry out the necessary tests of your choice, including durability / environmental tests

Dismantling survey

After evaluation tests, we will dismantle the product and prepare a report

After-sales service

We value your trust more than anything else
We believe that a quick response is the best way to show our integrity.

Response in 24 hours

We respond quickly to sudden problems so production lines are safe.

Total hands-on approach

We value the field more than anything else
we listen carefully to your needs and solve your problems.

Attention to detail

We take our customers’ problems seriously and won’t stop until they are solved.