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Used for controlling the tension and rewinding of paper, film and other materials to ensure efficient operation of the machine.

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Used for keeping the tension of paper and film constant and to controlling the amount of winding.



  ■ Slit position detection

  ■ Paper tension detection  

  ■ Rewinding quantity detection etc.

Processing machine

Widely used as detectors for fine control of the speed and rotation of machines and for precise angular positioning.



  ■ Rotary arm angle detection for machining tool changers

  ■ Material supply part revolutions and rotation speed detection   

  ■ Index table position detection

Semi-conductor manufacturing machine

Widely used to ensure that products are moved quickly and accurately into position.



  ■ Arm joints rotary angle detection etc.

  ■ Arm rotary angle detection etc.

  ■ XY stage position detection etc.

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