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Our products are used as key components for the safety and operability of
construction machinery used on construction sites and in civil engineering works.

We also offer customized solutions to meet your needs.


Used to control the movement of the arm and the flow of hydraulic pressure to move the vehicle safely and efficiently.



  ■ Arm angle detection

  ■ Control lever angle detection 

  ■ Hydraulic pressure detectiob etc.


The products are used to check the movement of the boom and the inclination of the vehicle body to ensure the operator’s safety.



  ■ Boom angle detection

  ■ Body tilt angle detection 

  ■ Rotary angle detection etc.

Wheel loader

The products are used to control the position of and move the pedals and buckets safely and efficiently.



  ■ Pedal angle detection

  ■ Throttle angle detection  

  ■ Bucket position detection

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