PotentiometerLinear SensorCPP-45-LS Series

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Potentiometer・Linear Sensor CPP-45-LS Series

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CPP-45-LS Series

  CPP-45-50LS CPP-45-150LS CPP-45-200LS
 Features High Accuracy
Total Resistance 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20kΩ
Effective Electrical Travel 610mm 1,640mm 2,235mm
Independent Linearity   ±0.3%FS  
Rated Dissipation 3W/70℃
Dimension 60x104mm

Independent Linearity ±0.1%FS
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Civil Enginnering Machine:Control/Position

Manufacturing Machinery:Control/Hydraulic Cylinder stroke

Lifter:Control/Lifting position

Monitoring Instruments for Natural disasters:Monitor/Landslide,Debris flow, Dam break

TSUNAMI Wave Height Measuring Instrument:Control/Wave height

CPP-45-150LS, -200LS PDF DXF

CPP-45-LS Series  will be discontinued in June 2021. Please refer News page.


The replacement models

CP-45F-50LS for CPP-45-50LS

CP-45F-150LS for CPP-45-150LS

CP-45F-200LS for CPP-45-200LS