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Potentiometer・Angle Sensor・MR Element

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Contactless Angle Potentiometer which applicated Magneto-Resistive Element.

Compact Size, Low Current Consumption, Low Torque.

Specially, CP-16U is very low current consumption independent of temparature by apppliecatingTunnel Magneto-Resistive (TMR) Element.

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Series Output Size
Effective Elect. Travel(°) Output Sensitivity (%Vin/10°) Ind. Lin. (%FS) Input Voltage (V) Current Consumption (mA) Input Impedance (kΩ)
CP-16U V-Ratio Φ16 90、△120 0.35~0.65 ±1.5 DC3~5.5 max. 0.6mA
CP-2UN 90 min. 2 ±2 max. DC10 7~21
Series Output Size
Effective Elect. Travel(°) Resolution [μA] Abso. Lin. (%FS) Input voltage (V) Update Cycle [kHz] Teach-in Function
CP-2UKN-A Current (2 wires) Φ36 90 Theoretically infinitesimal ±2.2 DC 24±4 N/A (Analog Ciruit)  
CP36U 18~360 4.55 approx.* ±0.2* DC 24±8 1kHz

* Specifications will be changed setting angle.