Midori precisions


Contactless Angle Sensor
・Available with optional angle range in 40°- 359°on request
・Available with dual output signals : Parallel output for Fail safe or X-output for self-diagnosis
・Rigid Sealed Construction
・No Noise Contactless Design
・Essentially Infinite Life

[Output Characteristics]

[Electrical Specifications]

Electrical Angle : 350°
Input Voltage : DC5Plus or minus0.5V
Output Range: 10-90%Vin
Absolute Linearity : Plus or minus1%FS (Ind. Lin:Plus or minus0.5%)
Temp. Characteristics : Reference Temp 25Centigrade
(-40-125Centigrade):Plus or minus2.2°(Plus or minus0.62%FS)
Supply Current: max32mA
Load Resistance : min10kΩ
Handling Temp. Range: -40-125Centigrade

[Mechanical Specifications]

Mechanical Angle : 360°Endless
Torque : max180mN.m

[Environmental Specifications]

EMS: 100V/m
IP Level: IP65
Orange Pot CP-2HA is a contactless version of Green Pot CP-2FABSJ, with rigid construction, wide angle range and dual output signals. This model is exchangeable with CP-2FABSJ and especially suited for applications requiring High dither operation and longer life.

【Option】 Output Characteristics  
Cross Output
Phase Output
Angle detection of actuater for special purpose vehicle such as industrial vehicle and loading vehicle.
Control lever, Electrical Remote Control lever