Midori precisions


Contactless Angle Sensor
-Compact size :φ22
-Selectable φ6 or φ3.175(Dcut) shaft on request
-Available with optional angle 270° and 300°,359°
-Available with drip proof version

[Output Characteristics]

[Electrical Specifications]

Electrical Travel 340°
Output Voltage Ratio 10~90%Vin
Absolute Linearity ±2%FS(FS=340Centigrade
Input Voltage DC5±0.5V
Load Resistance 10kΩMIN.
Current Consumption 16mA MAX.
Resolution 12bit
Hysteresis 0.3%FS
Temp. Characteristics
±0.5%FS (@25Centigradereference)
Operating Temp.Range -30~100Centigrade

[Mechanical Specifications]

Mechanical Travel 360°Endless
Running Torque 2mN-m
Mass Approx.20g

[Environmental Specifications]

Vibration 200m/S2
Shock 1000m/S2
ESM 100V/m
ESD ±16kV (Case~Terminals)
Protection Class IP50

CP-20H is a contactless version of Green Pot CP-2FB which has well-established conductive plastic resistive element,
featuring wide electrical angle with excellent accuracy , no susceptibility to the external magnetic effect and long useful life.
This model is especially suited for the applications requiring a high level of dither vibration and shock.

Angle detection of mini-actuator, Rotating angel detection of servo motor, Joystick and Control lever,
Tension control, Incline detection of reclining medical chair, Acceleration pedal and so on